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Tweet 2, April 2024

Today @Amnesty launches the interactive space “Footprints: Virtual Museum on Enforced Disappearances in South Asia”. Explore it to learn about those who were forcibly disappeared, the mark they’ve left behind, the families who still await justice#StopEDs


Tweet 1, April 2024

Enforced disappearances destroy the lives of not just the disappeared, but also their loved ones. Visit 👇 to read the stories of those who were forcibly taken by the states in South Asia. And stand in solidarity with them.#StopEDs #stillnoanswers

März/April 2024 Twitter action

Enforced disappearances are not just a nightmare from the past, they’re still happening in South Asia. 1000+ families are still looking for their relatives while states have failed to deliver justice. I stand in solidarity with the families.#StopEDs


5. April 2024

30. März 2024

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17. April 2024